Some of the most precious objects that we’re entrusted with belong to our museum clients. The storage and transportation of museum pieces takes a huge amount of specialist knowledge, and we take a personal, bespoke approach to every part of your collection. 

We take an enormous amount of care to make sure that your items are protected against everything from sudden changes in temperature to moisture. Our experienced team are experts in building and delivering museum standard packing and crating for our clients. 

We don’t just handle the physical job of looking after your pieces either. We will also look after all the paperwork too – use our carnet services to get a temporary passport for your pieces, helping you to clear customs around the world without paying duty and import tax.

The care we put into packing and crating your pieces extends to the high value air freight service we provide too. These are not everyday items – they require special care, discretion and attention and so we always offer climate controlled transportation and supervised air freight loading.

Here’s an overview of some of the services we offer our many museum clients.

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climate control

Climate controlled storage

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Crate 2021

Specialist packing

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customs clearance

In-house customs clearance service

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Global shipping

Global shipping

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