Art collector

Art collectors

Trust plays a central role in the relationships we have with our art collector clients. For many art collectors, their collection is an important expression of who they are as individuals. So, we understand that when they ask us to look after their most valuable pieces, they don’t just trust us with something that’s valuable in monetary terms – it’s also personal. 

We take that discreet, personal approach to every individual piece. For sensitive pieces that require specialist care, we provide our modern, secure, clean and safe climate controlled storage facilities in London, New York and the Midlands. These are fitted with a Red Alert alarm system and 24-hour CCTV monitoring to make sure that the most valuable pieces in your collection are completely safe. 

Our bonded facilities in the UK allow for collectors to import and hold artwork free of VAT.

Our online inventory management system also helps our art collector clients to keep track of their collection.  Without a comprehensive and well-monitored inventory, collections can soon become hard to manage, and so our in-house inventory management expertise is invaluable to many art collectors. We’re also proud to work with many collectors to help them install their favourite works of art in their own homes.

Here are just some of the services we provide for art collectors.

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