Global shipping

Wherever and whenever you need your artwork, antiques, furniture or interior design pieces moved around the world, we can help. We ship by air, sea and road.


The British Shop are our first choice when it comes to packing and shipping our design pieces to our clients homes

Georgina Shelley, Gabriel Scott

By air

If you need to move your pieces quickly and discreetly around the world, then our air freight service is a very time efficient option. Safely packed into our bespoke timber crates, we’ll deliver your pieces to your chosen destination, to a deadline if required. 

With your dedicated client manager handling the whole process from door to door, you’re in safe hands. They’ll work closely with you, managing our teams of expert handlers and installers who will collect, pack, load and deliver your pieces for you. They’ll also handle customs clearance, and we can even unpack and place the pieces (giving you that white glove experience), if you need us to.

By sea

We load and ship our own sea freight containers between our locations in New York and London every 2-3 weeks. From there, we handle all of the onward freight transport you need to get it to your premises. 

We also ship globally, using regular consolidated sea freight container services, delivering to many different locations around the world every month. If you’d prefer us to ship your pieces in a sole use container, we can also arrange that. Just chat to one of our experienced team to find out more.

Again, our expert team will manage all of the customs requirements for your shipment. This includes everything from customs clearance to permits, carnets, customs bonds, and any other paperwork that’s required. If needed, we’re also happy to personally supervise the loading or unloading of high value sea cargo that we’re responsible for. 

By road

If you need to move your pieces to or from Europe, we have our own modern fleet of specialist art vehicles in which we securely transport your items. This secure and reliable service runs regularly between London and other major European cities, using our own crews. 

We can arrange collections and deliveries on a part load basis, or if your deadlines are tighter, we’ll transport your pieces by dedicated delivery on one of our road shuttle services. These can be dual staffed with both driver and art handler teams. The vehicles are air-ride and – as an optional extra – climate-controlled, as well as GPS monitored and alarmed to keep your pieces safe.

Case Studies

Miami baby 2018

Miami art week


Photo London

Gibraltar 3

Delivering an interior design project for a yacht in Gibraltar