Miami art week

The need

We were asked to plan and coordinate the collection and shipping of artworks and sculptures from over 75 galleries across the UK, Europe and the USA, for exhibition at the annual Miami Art Week. We then removed all of the unsold artworks at the end of the show and returned the artworks to the galleries they had come from.


The solution

Our dedicated team of managers and coordinators across our London and New York offices worked together to approach exhibitors and sell our shipping services. 

We then booked space on vessels and flights to ensure that the shipments arrived in good time. We flew our own staff to Miami to receive the cargo, who then coordinated the unloading of the containers at a local warehouse and arranged delivery to the exhibitors’ booths before the show opened. We also arranged full installation of any artworks as required.  

At the end of the show we then arranged onward delivery for artworks that were sold. We also collected the unsold works, repacked them back into their crates and arranged for their repatriation back to their respective galleries across the world.


The result

A complex but successfully executed logistics project, performed by our own staff and crew from start to finish.

Case Studies


Photo London

Hotel egg installation (1)

Installing a sculpture at a London hotel

Gibraltar 3

Delivering an interior design project for a yacht in Gibraltar