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Antique dealers

Shipping antiques around the world can be complex – both from an administrative and a logistical point of view. We bring an unrivalled amount of experience in this area, and our teams have built strong, trusting relationships with our many antique dealing clients. 

If you need to ship pieces around the world with the minimum of hassle, we’ll handle the collection and delivery of your pieces, with discretion, anywhere in the world. 

If you’re looking to import or export valuable pieces, take advantage of our comprehensive in-house customs management service, where our expert teams will manage the entire import and export process of pieces for you from beginning to end. 

We also have plenty of experience in making sure that our antique dealer clients have all of the export licences they need for their shipments. And, we’re happy to arrange the proof of export certificates necessary for VAT exemption on sales to a third country. If you’re looking to bring pieces into the UK temporarily (before re-exporting them) we can also arrange all of the Temporary Admission paperwork you need. 

Finally, we also bring a huge amount of experience to the way that we store antiques for our clients. We understand that every piece is different – and we’ll ensure that each piece is looked after in the appropriate way at our modern, secure, clean and safe storage facilities in London, New York and the Midlands.

Here are just a few of the services we offer to antique dealers.

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