Delivering an interior design project for a yacht in Gibraltar

The need

An interior design client asked us to consolidate furnishings from around the world at our London warehouse and to then deliver them to a yacht in Gibraltar on a specific day.

The solution

To ensure everything ran smoothly, one of our dedicated client managers arranged the multiple shipments of furniture from around the world, and then arranged to have them consolidated at our London warehouse.

After the items were held in Customs Bond at our UK warehouse, they were repacked and crated, ready to go. The delivery was to a yacht that was only calling into Gibraltar for a few days, so we had to coordinate the delivery on a specific day and arrange the customs procedures in Gibraltar. We also provided a crane to get the furniture onto the vessel.


The result

All furniture was delivered successfully in the brief window of opportunity we had, and in perfect condition. The client was delighted with the installation and the professional approach we took throughout.

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