Art fair and exhibition organisers

Running a successful fair or exhibition takes careful planning and management, but you can trust us to deliver the event you need. Our experienced team will be with you every step of the way to plan and deliver your event efficiently. 

We work directly with you as the event organisers and also directly with the exhibiting galleries, to make sure every part of the event runs smoothly.

We can handle the delivery and installation of pieces direct to event booths at an art fair, quickly and efficiently getting your exhibitors up and running.  

Our in-house customs management team meanwhile will support you with a simple and efficient service that takes all the pressure of managing the import and export of your pieces off of your hands – leaving you free to concentrate on running a great event. 

We also write the shipping manuals for many of the events we work with. For events in the UK, we provide a Temporary Admission account service, helping you with the paperwork you need to bring art pieces into the country for your event, with total or partial relief from import duty.

And because we have our own bonded storage facilities, we’re also able to help you to reduce your costs too – storing your pieces in this way means that duties are deferred until the goods leave the warehouse.

We’ve been fine tuning art fair logistics for 20 years and have long running relationships with many event organisers. Our experienced team will handle all the art fair and exhibition services you need. 

As well as timed onsite fair delivery services and art installation services, we also handle post fair packing, deliveries, storage and return shipments.

Here are just a few of the most relevant services we provide to art fair and exhibition organisers.

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