In-house customs clearance service

Even before Brexit, getting customs clearance for artworks, antiques, furniture or other interior design pieces wasn’t always straightforward. Quite rightly, there are strict regulations around exporting and importing rare and valuable items. 


The professional and courteous service plus exemplary packing skills are the only choice for us when shipping priceless antiques around the world

Adam Kaye, Butchoff Antiques

Our experienced customs experts will help you to navigate this process, efficiently and discreetly. They take the stress away from organising the customs clearance paperwork for your pieces, and do it all for you. 

Because we have an in-house customs clearance service, we’re able to streamline the entire process for you, making moving your pieces around the world a far more efficient and stress-free process. All of the procedures we follow are fully Brexit-compliant. Our team are fully aware of all of the latest changes and will work proactively to make sure that your experience is always as smooth as possible. 

We’re also fully connected to the UK’s Customs Handling of Import and Export Freight (CHIEF) system, which in turn is directly connected to the Community System Providers (CSP’s) that record and track the movement of goods within ports and airports. 

And because we have our own bonded storage facilities, we’re also able to help you to reduce your costs – storing your pieces in secure bonded storage means that duties are deferred until the goods leave the warehouse. We can also offer use of our Temporary Admission account for pieces that are coming into the UK before they’re re-exported.

Finally, because we deal directly with the airlines we’re also able to issue our own air waybills (AWB). 

At every stage of the process, we take a discreet, personal approach to transporting each one of your pieces.

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