Shipping items of value is a matter of trust

    We have built up a great reputation and have a wealth of experience in moving precious pieces with great care, securely and efficiently.

    We take pride in carefully crafting precise solutions for handling, packing, shipping and storing art, design pieces, high end furniture and antiques from single items to complete projects. Our clients are interior designers, artists, galleries, museums, auction houses, boutique hotels and private clients, who entrust us with their precious cargo and their deadlines.

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    Transportation of a single piece or an entire art collection

    David Hockney once said “Art has to move you” and our service to you is to move art, with attentive personal care to deliver invaluable and delicate items around the world.

    Our expertise with bespoke packing and shipping of precious fine arts, interior design items and antiques has earned us a reputation as an industry leader operating within a tightly knit network of offices and selected agents around the world.

    Our commitment from packing, loading, transporting, customs clearance and also delivery has been described as resourceful, ensuring the safe delivery of anything, from small pieces or something as extensive as a full-scale art exhibition installation.

    We offer:

    • Air freight – fast and cost effective
    • Sea freight – regular consolidated sea freight
      containers around the world
    • Road freight – weekly European departures
    • Packing – custom built crating

    High value and fragile items reach their destination exactly as the client intended

    From full museum specification cases to individual soft packing, we provide crating and packing services tailored to our client’s requirements.

    We offer a varied approach to packing techniques to provide the most secure protection for the piece being packed. Every object is assessed before it leaves us to ensure the custom-made packaging is an exact fit to minimize any risk.